Travel Spotlight: Finding Your Center in Rishikesh

y1Those 50-minute yoga sessions at your local gym just aren’t cutting it for you anymore. It’s difficult to find your “center” when you can hear the testosterone-encouraged grunts from the free weight area, the clunk…clunk… of the weight machines, and the constant whirring of the treadmills. Add to that the fact that you are thrust back out into the busy world, where you must avoid the temptation to ruin any “body balance” you’ve achieved with the line of fast food joints dotting the streets, avoiding the hectic work-all-day attitude that many have adopted in today’s modern times, and tackling the kiddos’ and hubby’s needs when you finally do get home, and you can pretty much forget obtaining any real inner peace.


The Yoga Capital of the World

y2 If you are a true yoga guru, you’ve most likely heard of a little place called Rishikesh. But even if you haven’t come across any information about this yoga haven throughout your relaxation journey, it’s truly worth looking into for your next getaway. Nestled in the northern state of Uttarakhand, India, Rishikesh is widely known as the World Capital of Yoga. It is the ideal hot spot for a solo adventure into meditation, yoga, and more. It can also make for an amazing adventure with a small group of girlfriends or fellow mothers in desperate need of adventure and rejuvenation.


Not only is this small city founded in relaxation and a variety of yoga practices, but the scenery is difficult to match. The town lies near the Ganges River, which flows down from the Himalayas. The area is surrounded by breath-taking fauna and greenery, and the city is packed with yoga gurus, ashrams, shalaas, and temples, each with individual approaches to offer you spiritual pleasure and enlightenment. These experiences extend beyond your typical yoga classes and can even include meditation to live music, educational classes in therapeutic massage, and more active adventures, like kayaking, rock climbing, hiking, and even cliff jumping!

The Ganges

y3The Ganges River is said to have holistic healing powers. Not only is it the lifeline to millions of people in the area, but it is considered sacred to the Hindu people. Daily services are held to worship the river, and many believe that taking a holy dip in the Ganges can clear the body of impurities.




tt The Shri Bharat Mandir is the oldest and one of the most treasured temples in Rishikesh. It is steeped in history, myth, and religious beliefs. It is said that Lord Buddha himself visited the coveted temple, and the area is surrounded by sacred, beautiful trees that date back thousands of years. However, there are countless other temples in the area as well that have amazing stories, services, and enlightenment to offer.



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