Travel Spotlight: Iceland Hot Springs

Known for sitting on a hotbed of geothermal activity, Iceland is the perfect place on earth for families who love to take dips together. If you and your family are heading there any time soon, be sure to check out these four top picks from My Destination for a great hot springs vacation for both adults and kids:



Reykjadalur literally means Steam Valley, this hot spring is located near Reykjavik. It’s only a 45-minute drive away from the town of Hveragerði. From there, you can get in a few minutes of hiking until you reach the river. It’s less than an hour away, the water is warm and the river is surrounded by idyllic views of the surrounding mountains and landscape. What more could a family ask for? Well, a changing station would be nice. However, if your kids are too small to take on hiking trips through the top of a gorge—no matter how gorgeous—you might want to set your sights somewhere else.




Traveling through the south of Iceland? Then go on a detour to this geothermal pool. Though it’s man-made—measuring 255 meters long and 10 meters wide—all the warm water you’ll find there is natural. There are also rooms where you can leave your bags and things for safekeeping. It might be a bit far, but it’s definitely worth the trip. If the gloriously warm temperature of the water doesn’t take your breath away, the surrounding sights will. A great spot for families with bigger kids to chill and relax.




If your kids have always wanted to see dark hot springs in caves, this one fits that fantasy to a tee. If the family is heading north in Inceland, or if you’ve got plans to get to Akureyri or in Mývatn, then Grjótagjá isn’t too far ahead. It’s the ideal place for mysterious mermaids and water nymphs. Just no dips in the water, though. Temperature levels are about 50°C. And loose rocks are known for falling into the water. So if you think your kids will be supremely impressed with the sheer, spectacular beauty of this place, then check it out. If anything else, it’d make for a wonderful family snapshot.



 Always wanted to show your kids what a secret lagoon looked like? Built in 1891, this pool used to be a busy spot for locals until a modern swimming pool opened in the nearby town. It’s a good place to hang out and spend the day soaking in the warm waters or teaching your kids how to swim.



These are just four hot springs and there are still plenty left to explore! So what are you waiting for? Pack your bags, escape to Iceland and grab some warm holiday fun with your entire family!

Xoxo Melany

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