Travel Spotlight: South African Safari

Herd of elephants in african savannaIf I had to bet on the statistics, I would say that at least 5 out of 10 people have an African safari on their bucket list. And for good reason. “African wildlife safaris are really amazing, I mean mind boggling fun, and they appeal to just about everyone – even people who didn’t think they would love safaris. Young, old, active, lazy, urban, rural, couples, singles, families, it doesn’t matter: a safari is the winner takes all of vacations”, says Larry Olmsted, a travel writer for Forbes. He goes on to say that “across the board, South Africa has far and away the best collection of luxury safari lodges – by a huge margin”.  So it seems that if you’re looking to go an African safari adventure and you want both first rate wildlife and a first-rate lodging/dining/guiding experience, no other country  compares to what South Africa offers.

Is an African safari on your bucket list?

Xoxo Melany

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