Travel Spotlight: Sushi in Tokyo




Sushi lovers know there’s no other place in the world that fulfills their fantasies of soft, mouth-watering sushi than Tokyo. It’s a must to see, not only for the temples, people and sights, but most of all, for the food. Even rice meals at Kombini shops taste great.

With plenty of restaurants—some tiny, with only 5 to 7 people squeezing into the counter of a ramen shop at a time and some spacious enough to accommodate at least 10-25—food lovers would be hard-pressed not to call this city paradise. It won’t take you more than a few steps to find yourself 500 meters away from a restaurant offering good, if not great, fares.

At the top of the food chain is sushi. You can explore many of the sushi restaurants in Ginza or go direct to the source, at Tsukiji Central Fish Market. Want something more upmarket? Try Kaiseki, which is known as Japan’s “traditional haute cuisine.”

For a more casual dining atmosphere, going to an Izakaya will give you that pub ambiance, with lots of food and beer or sake that you love. If you’d rather avoid the noise and the crowds though, there are plenty of decade-long traditional restaurants around the city known for their delicious takes on classic dishes. You just have to know where to look: a small door to your left might lead you to the best hole-in-the-wall Ramen shop in the city and give you a unique culinary experience to remember and savor back home. So be ready!

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Xo Melany

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